Purpose of charter party deviation clause in a sales contract between shipwoner and charterer

Defining a deviation clause

Deviation clause is a standard protecting clause giving the vessel the liberty to call at any port or ports in any order, for any purpose, to sail with or without pilots, to tow and/or assist vessels in all situations, and also to deviate for the purpose of saving life and/or property.

A P&I Bunker Deviation Clause is a form of deviation clause recommended by the P&I clubs which allows the vessel to deviate off the contract route in order to load bunker fuel without breaching the contract. Bunkers are often cheapest at ports near oil producing centres, and the shipowners may wish to take advantage of the vesselís proximity to such a port so as to have sufficient bunkers on board for a future voyage (e.g. the ballast voyage following discharge of the present cargo).

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