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Transport of goods at sea and cargo ships employment

The term “general (multipurpose) cargo ships” covers many different ship designs that do not fit into other more specialised cargo ship types. Thus, general cargo ships are not specialised for transport of only dry bulks, only containers or only heavy-lift cargoes, but they have flexibility to carry any of these cargo types.

General cargo ships are the world’s most numerous ship types, excepting fishing vessels. Thus, in the year 2002 their share in the overall world merchant fleet amounted to about 37% in numbers and to about 11% in dwt.

Cargo ships lifting appliances & deck work guideline

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Cargo handling

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Refrigerated cargoes

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Bill of lading

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Cargo contract

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Structural configuration

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General cargo ship deck machinery and cargo equipment

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Fire protection system

  • Fire main system & related mechanism
  • Fire fighting equipments
  • Details of fire detectors
  • Machinery space fire & use of Walter Kidde CO2 system
  • Fire protection system for cargo holds
  • Automatic sprinkler system
  • Portable extinguishers

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    General cargo ship more operational guidance :

    Machinery system main info pages

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