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Safe Handling of Hazardous goods on board cargo ships

In the event of any dangerous goods or harmful substances being carried aboard the general cargo ship, reference to ‘The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG)’ code (volume 1, 2 and suppliment) should be consulted. Additionally, the Chemical Data Sheets contained in the Tanker Safety Guide (Gas and Chemical) issued by the International Chamber of Shipping may be appropriate. Such goods/substances must be classified, packaged and labelled in accord with the Merchant Shipping Regulations.

Detail guidelines :
  1. Transport of dangerous goods at sea

  2. No packaged dangerous goods may be offered for carriage or taken aboard any ship unless a dangerous goods declaration or marine pollutants declaration (or a combined declaration) has been given to the master or operator as per the the MS (Dangerous Goods and Marine Pollutants) regulations 1997 .
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  3. Hazardous cargoes -loading precautions /monitoring

  4. Check the details of the goods including the labelling, the respective UN Number, the condition of the package, together with any special stowage requirements prior to loading the cargo.
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  5. IMDG code

  6. IMDG code brief guideline & regulatory requirement
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  7. The documents of compliance (DOC)for carrying dangerous goods

  8. Document of Compliance (regulation 22) applies to: • passenger ships built on or after 1 September 1984; • cargo ships of 500gt or over built on or after 1 September 1984; and • cargo ships of less than 500gt built on or after 1 February 1992.
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  9. Gas detection equipment

  10. An appropriate instrument for measuring the concentration of gas or oxygen in the air must be provided together with detailed instructions for its use. The instrument must be of a type approved by a Certifying Authority, and the crew must be trained in its use..
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